Southern Tier Diesel

Southern Tier Diesel
Team Manager: JR Bennion
Phone: 607-661-0536

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The Southern Tier Diesel is comprised mostly of players, who are, 18 years and older; men from all walks of life that continue their dream of playing football. In the past and currently we have had a variety of levels in education, family life, work, income, and other aspects that fit us into a society.  Careers represented on the team have been soldiers, firemen (paid and volunteer), teachers, business people, human services, construction, skilled technicians, police, pipeline workers, factory workers, and more.  We all bring something different to the team, but unite as teammates with a single love for the game. We should not forget other people that are behind the scenes either, spouses, significant others, parents, children, siblings, friends, and other family members or volunteers that help to put things together in a functioning team; fundraising, medical staff, concessions, various game day tasks, and most importantly their support.  We are a family friendly atmosphere that understands the sacrifices made by not just the players, but also their families with time and money spent to play.  It is bigger than just the game itself, relationships are forged on and off the field that transcend into our everyday lives in a multitude of ways. In a sentence, we are salt of the earth family men with a passion for the sport of football.