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The Northeastern Football Alliance is an amateur-semiprofessional American football league based mostly in upstate New York. It was formerly known as the New York Amateur Football League, which split off from the Mid Continental Football League in the mid-1990s after the MCFL contracted into the midwest. The NFA traditionally plays its games during the summer months.

The NFA shares territory with the United Elite Football League Empire Football League; most of the NFA's teams are in western and central New York whereas the EFL mostly covers the eastern half of the state. Both the EFL and NFA split off from the MCFL, the NFA in 1997 and the EFL in 2012, and both are based in Western New York (the UEFL's four teams play primarily in Erie and Niagara counties while the NFA's are more spread out in the rural areas), but the two leagues have yet to come to an agreement to play against each other (the EFL instead plays games against the EFL and teams from Pennsylvania).

As of the end of 2008, Minor League Football News has two NFA teams, the Albany Metro Mallers and Monroe County Sting, as the two best teams in all of semiprofessional football.

The Lyndonville Tigers went 11-2 in the 2009 season losing only to the Syracuse Shock in the regular season and to the Monroe County Sting in the NFA's Finals. Sting Finished 12-1 to claim the NFA title.

In 2010 Troy's Fighting Irish won the NFA title by defeating the Jamestown Chiefs and went on to represent the NFA by winning the Sunshine Bowl IX "Florida Bowl". Once again in 2011 Troy's Fighting Irish won the NFA title in the battle of unbeatens against the Finger Lakes Impact. Troy finised 12-0 in NFA play and went on to defend their title only to lose in the Sunshine Bowl X AFNT AAA National Championship and finished their 2011 run 12-1.